The week of a teamer in Malta

I decided to improve my English after graduating through Sprachcaffe in Malta. During these weeks I was asked to come back as a teamer, which I did for six weeks. Below you can read how one of these weeks looked like.


The day starts early on Sunday. New students arrive throughout the day and are taken care of by the team members and given a little tour. Meanwhile, the other team members go with the students who stay longer than one week on a day-trip. On Sunday is the Best of Malta Tour, a trip through the best destinations in Malta. A market in the fishing village Marsaxlokk, Blue Grotto, Dingli Cliffs (the highest point of Malta) and then end the day on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Malta, Golden Bay. Tired, but full of new experiences, we return to campus around dinner time. We quickly jump into the pool to cool down, get dressed and go to the table. In the evening there is a quiz or a workshop so that the newer and older students get to know each other.


Monday is an exciting day for everyone looking forward to go to their classes. At 08:00 everyone has breakfast in the beer garden.  The team members take the new students to the square in front of the school to introduce ourselves to our new students so that they know who their teamer is. We next lead our students inside the school and tell them more about ourselves, explain the rules and distribute them among the classrooms. After a quick break, the students start their intensive courses.  Other groups of students go to the swimming pool and the volleyball court. Who will participate in the mini-tournament?

After the students are finished with lessons, we gather our bearings. We give them a tour of our site and then ease on to the pool.

After dinner the tables go to the side, the disco lights go on and the volume goes up. The welcome party has started! There are snacks and mocktails (cocktails without alcohol). Needless to say the mood is excellent.


In the morning there are lessons, followed in the afternoon by a half-day excursion. This is to Valletta, the beautiful capital of Malta. Our route starts at the city gates, where we make a group photo for the big fountain. Then we walk past the old buildings to the Upper Barrakka gardens. Here we get a beautiful view of the harbor with a chance to see a cannon which fires a volley every afternoon. Then we walk through narrow streets to the next highlight, the cathedral ta 'San Gwann. The students get a chance to explore and buy a few souvenirs at the market. The next stop is one of the largest squares. The students get about an hour and a half of free time to eat ice cream and buy souvenirs. This gives the team members a well-deserved break. Often this means sitting on a terrace and enjoying the beautiful weather, bonding with students and discussing ideas for the upcoming evening.

This evening is very much loved by students over 17 years old, we go to Paceville! This is the party street of Malta. Although the students can decide where they are going, they are happy to come with us to one of our favorite places: Hugo's Bar. It is a big party until 02.00.


Wednesday is a quiet day. In the afternoon there are a few fantastic activities, shopping or laser tag!  Sliema is one of the largest shopping centers in Malta. Small boutiques and well-known. If there is still room in the suitcase, you can find enough padding here. Laser tag is the coolest activity there is! Together with your team, you try to conquer the three points and of course keep them. An afternoon full of adventure, action and fun. As a result, satisfied teenagers and wonderful action photos!


Thursdays always run smoothly. There are lessons in the morning and in the afternoon a few hours of beach time. Relax, swim and enjoy together with the students. Then the buses arrive at five o'clock. We're going to a boat party! A boat full of students who swim, dance and have fun. Together we choose the music and make it a big party.


The last day of school has arrived and there is a full program planned. The morning starts as usual with breakfast in the beer garden and lessons. Because of the boat party, some students will still be in bed, so we are going to surprise them with music to ensure that they are present at least the second half of the day. After the lessons, we take the students to Comino. This is by far the most beautiful place in Malta. With the speedboat we arrive at this beautiful small island surrounded by azure blue sea. We jump from rocks, lie in the sun and make the most beautiful photos for Instagram #sprachcaffemoment. When we return from this beautiful place, we quickly shower get ready for another Paceville night out with the 17-year-olds. After a great, but long day/night we go to bed. Ready for the next morning!


Today will be an emotional day for many because it the day many of our students go home. Those who remain bid farewell to their friends. Telephone numbers and social media have been exchanged so it is not a goodbye, but a see you later. The remaining students   go with us to Gozo. We arrive at the second island of Malta with the ferry. We start our visit to Azure window, continue to Ta 'Pinu and discover the capital of Gozo Victoria. Luckily we have enough free time to guide the students to the Cittadella. After this, the students explore as we sit on a terrace with an Ice coffee and a piece of warm apple pie with ice cream. The ideal lunch for such a nice day! After an hour and a half, we leave for our last destination for today: Ramla Bay. Here we stay for almost two hours enjoying the cool water and the wonderful warm sun. In a quiet bus full of sleeping students, we return to the campus via the ferry.

A week of a teamer is long and busy, but the work is fantastic! Do you think you’d want to spend your summer this way? Then contact us!