Things to do in Malaga

Hier sieht man den wundervollen Weitblick auf die Stadt Málaga.
Malaga, a city full of sunshine and the best vacation atmosphere, attracts travelers from all over the world. The wide range of Malaga activities offered in this charming city on the Costa del Sol attracts the attention of people all over the world. From beach and sea activities to day trips, the city offers plenty of possible things to do in Malaga. We'll show you which must-see attractions and what else you can do in your free time in Malaga.

Malaga activities in the city

This beautiful city in Costa del Mar offers several must-do activities in the city during your Malaga vacation. From cultural activities in Malaga, to sight seeing, to city parks and events, Malaga offers a wealth of exciting activities for your free time.

Visit Malaga's old town

One of the first activities tourists undertake in Málaga is a visit to the impressive old town. There you will already find some of the top sights of Málaga. It houses important sights such as the cathedral and the Alcazaba. Experience the flair of the old town of Málaga and let this Mediterranean city affect you.

Port promenade Muelle Uno

Muelle Uno, Malaga's lively harbor promenade, is a place that hosts a variety of possible activities in Malaga. Here you can stroll along the Mediterranean Sea, admire the creative architecture and explore local stores. This area is a true paradise for Málaga activities such as shopping, dining and enjoying the sea view from the terraces of the restaurants.

The mix of modern design and Mediterranean flair creates a unique atmosphere that perfectly matches the wide variety of activities offered here. Concerts, events and cultural experiences make Muelle Uno a place that reflects the lively nature of Malaga.

Museums and galleries in Malaga

Malaga offers diverse museums and galleries that are exciting places to visit and things to do in Malaga. The Picasso Museum reveals Picasso's legacy, the Centre Pompidou showcases modern art, the Russian Museum presents Russian art, and the Málaga Automobile Museum highlights automotive history. These institutions offer a rich cultural experience and make Malaga a cultural hotspot.

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The most beautiful city parks in Malaga

In Málaga there are also several city parks that invite you to stay. There you can relax on the green spaces, go for a walk or do other sports and leisure activities in Málaga. In addition to sculptures and native plants, you can find fountains and other calming elements in some of the well-maintained Malaga city parks. Here's our pick of the top city parks in Málaga:

Parque de Málaga: This park near the port features a pond, historic statues, and a palm house that houses exotic plants.

Parque de la Concepción: A botanical garden with a rich variety of plants from all over the world. It is characterized by its romantic atmosphere and unique tree species.

Parque de Huelin: This modern park is popular with locals and has playgrounds, fitness equipment and a track for cyclists and skaters.

Parque del Oeste: Overlooking the Bay of Malaga, this park offers impressive views and a pond with ducks and turtles.

City parks are the perfect place to get away from downtown or the beach for some relaxing activities in Málaga. Malaga's parks are the perfect place to enjoy nature and relax outdoors.

Malaga's events around the year

Malaga Film Festival

This annual film festival presents national and international films and attracts filmmakers, actors and film enthusiasts. You can experience screenings, premieres, discussions and workshops that celebrate the magic of cinema.


Malaga is proud of its flamenco traditions, and flamenco festivals such as the Festival de la Cueva de Nerja offer captivating performances by dancers, singers and musicians.

Día de San Juan

The San Juan Festival celebrates the summer solstice and is celebrated with beach parties, bonfires and fireworks. It is a night full of energy and joy as people welcome the new chapter of the season.

Malaga Jazz Festival

This festival attracts jazz lovers and presents a wide range of jazz styles and artists. Concerts, jam sessions and workshops create a rousing jazz atmosphere.

Noche en Blanco

During this "Night in White" art galleries, museums and cultural institutions open their doors late into the night. The streets are filled with art exhibitions, live music, performances and special events.

Fiesta de Navidad

The Christmas season is celebrated in Malaga with festive lights, concerts and markets. It is a warm and joyful time with Christmas spirit.

Starlite Festival

This music and culture festival brings international artists on stage and offers concerts in a unique open-air environment. You can expect first-class musical performances, culinary experiences and a glamorous atmosphere.

Cabalgata de Reyes

This is the Epiphany Parade, which marks the end of the Christmas festivities. The streets are filled with music and gifts, while the Magi spread candy and joy.

Malaga beach and sea activities

The beaches of Málaga offer a unique combination of urban lifestyle and natural beauty. This diversity is characterized by a selection of beaches that offer both urban flair and a relaxing marine atmosphere. Check out the following exemplary beach activities in Málaga and get inspired.

Sunbathing and relaxing: A day on the Mediterranean in Málaga is pure relaxation. Enjoy a warm sunbath on the beach, or relax with a cold drink under the umbrella.

Beach sports and water sports in the Mediterranean: The beach of Málaga is also ideal for water and beach sports. Whether it's fitness, beach yoga or beach volleyball, for sports enthusiasts, Málaga beach has so many activities to offer

Beach bars: Chiringuitos are charming beach bars where you can enjoy local food, seafood and drinks. They are an integral part of the beach culture in Málaga.

Beach Walk on the Promendade: One of the most relaxing and beautiful activities on the beach of Málaga is walking along the beach promenade. Enjoy the walk along the Mediterranean Sea in the early morning or in the evening.

The close proximity to the city center allows visitors to enjoy the culture and amenities of the city while experiencing the Mediterranean sea and sandy beach. Malaga beach activities such as water sports, beach volleyball and relaxation in the chiringuitos make these beaches ideal places to enjoy a wide variety of possible Malaga beach activities.

Malaga Day Trips


This famous coastal destination is just a short drive from Málaga and offers luxurious marinas, beautiful beaches, exclusive shopping and a charming old town.


Take a day trip from Malaga to the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, where you can explore the famous Rock of Gibraltar, diverse wildlife, and the charming city.


This historic town is known for its impressive dolmens, cultural treasures and the El Torcal nature reserve, which offers unique rock formations.


Although a bit further away, Granada is definitely worth a day trip with its fascinating Alhambra palace complex and Moorish history. It takes about an hour and a half to get there.

FAQs: Malaga Aktivitäten

Malaga offers a wealth of cool activities that you can do during your vacation. You can engage with Spanish culture and get to know it a little better. The best way to do this is to learn Spanish in Malaga, see a flamenco show or take a flamenco class. Street art tours and the nightlife of Malaga are also cool ways to spend your stay in Malaga.

Other cool activities in Málaga could be stafinden in the Mediterranean Sea. You can take a boat tour, join a beach volleyball tournament or take a Segway tour.

Málaga offers such a few unique places that you should definitely include in your Málaga activity plan. These include the following:

  • Alcazaba and Gibralfaro.
  • The Cathedral of Málaga
  • Picasso Museum
  • Port of Málaga (Muelle Uno)
  • Parque de Málaga
  • Parque de la Concepción
  • Beaches of Málaga
  • Castillo de Gibralfaro
  • Centre Pompidou Málaga
  • Calle Larios

In our suggestions above we have already explained most of these points in more detail. As you can see, Malaga offers some beautiful places that will amaze you. So plan your stay in Malaga now.

Malaga offers so many activities that you can do. You will certainly not be bored. But how long you should actually spend on vacation in Málaga, depends largely on you and your planning. With one week in Málaga you have probably already done the most important Málaga activities. With two weeks in Málaga you have less stress, you can spend a whole day at the beach and still not miss anything important.

Malaga embodies Andalusian culture with passionate flamenco, a diverse tapas culture and sweet Malaga wine. Semana Santa demonstrates the cultural significance, while Pablo Picasso's legacy and Mediterranean architecture characterize the city. All of this makes Malaga an authentic destination full of character.