Travel quotes that will inspire you to pack your bags and travel to the unknown

We all love to travel, don't we? We are sure that if you were offered a free plane ticket to another continent right now, you would surely say yes. Because travel is an instinct that has accompanied humans since the beginning of their existence. The exotic, the unknown, that which seems new to our eyes, captivates us, and these impulses make us wander further and further afield. Nowadays we have many more opportunities to travel than in earlier times, and of course with much more security; but we also have obligations that can prevent us from the dream of travelling, such as work, children, debts or lack of money. With these travel quotes, we want to motivate you to pack your bags and plan the trip you've always wanted to take, put aside the excuses and make the decision you've been putting off for some trivial reason.Here we present you with five travel quotes in different languages that you can practice reading while encouraging you to leave your comfort zone behind.  

Travel Quotes in Spanish

"El mundo es un libro y aquellos que no viajan leen sólo una página". Agustín de Hipona
"The world is a book, and he who does not travel reads only one page".

"Viajar es lo único que compras y te hace más rico". Anónimo
"Travelling is the only thing you can buy and it makes you richer".

"Las ciudades son libros que se leen con los pies". Quintín Cabrera
"Cities are books that you read with your feet".

"No viajamos para escapar de la vida, viajamos para que la vida no se nos escape". Anónimo
"We do not travel to escape life, we travel so that life does not escape us".

"Viajamos para cambiar, no de lugar, sino de ideas". Hipólito Taine
"We travel to change, not the place, but the ideas".

English Travel Quotes

"If you're twenty-two, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel - as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. Find out how other people live, eat, and cook. Learn from them - wherever you go". Anthony Bourdain
"If you are twenty-two, physically fit and hungry to learn and get better, I urge you to travel - as far and as wide as you can. Sleep on the floor if you must. Find out how other people live, eat and cook. Learn from them - wherever you go".

"Not all those who wander are lost". J.R.R. Tolkien
"Not all who wander are lost".

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone". Neale Donald Walsch
"Life begins at the end of one's comfort zone".

"Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you". Ghaniya Dewi Arassyi
"The adventure may hurt you, but the monotony will kill you".

"Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen". Benjamin Disraeli
"Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and I remember more than I have seen".

German Travel Quotes

"Die beste Bildung findet ein gescheiter Mensch auf Reisen". Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
"The best education is found by a clever person when travelling".

"Desto weiter ich reise, desto näher komme ich an mich heran". Andrew McCarthy
"The further I travel, the closer I get to myself".

"Einmal im Jahr solltest du einen Ort besuchen, an dem du noch nie warst". Dalai Lama
"Once a year you should visit a place you've never been".

"Nichts entwickelt die Intelligenz wie das Reisen". Emile Zola
"Nothing develops intelligence like travel".

"Man reist ja nicht um anzukommen, sondern um zu reisen". Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
"You don't travel to arrive, you travel to travel".

French Travel Quotes

"Le plus beau voyage, c'est celui qu'on n'a pas encore fait". Loïck Peyron
"The most beautiful journey is the one you haven't made yet."

"Le véritable voyage de découverte ne consiste pas à chercher de nouveaux paysages, mais à avoir de nouveaux yeux". Marcel Proust
"The true voyage of discovery is not to seek new landscapes, but to have new eyes."

"Rester, c'est exister. Voyager, c'est vivre". Gustave Nadaud
"To stay is to exist. Travelling is living."

"Un voyage de mille lieues commence toujours par un premier pas". Lao-Tseu
"A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a first step."

"Voyager vous laisse d'abord sans voix, avant de vous transformer en conteur". Ibn Battuta
"Travelling first makes you speechless before you turn into a storyteller."

Italian Travel Quotes

"Di una città non apprezzi le sette o settantasette meraviglie, ma la risposta che dà ad una tua domanda". Italo Calvino
"What you value in a city is not the seven or seventy-seven wonders, but the answer it gives you to one of your questions. "

"Le radici sono importanti, nella vita di un uomo, ma noi uomini abbiamo le gambe, non le radici, e le gambe sono fatte per andare altrove". Pino Cacucci
"Roots are important in a man's life, but men have legs, not roots, and legs are made to go somewhere else."

"Sembra esserci nell'uomo, come negli uccelli, un bisogno di migrazione, una vitale necessità di sentirsi altrove". Marguerite Yourcenar
"There seems to be in humans, as in birds, a need to emigrate, a vital need to have a sense of being somewhere else."

"Le strade sono state fatte per i viaggi, non per le destinazioni". Confucio
"Roads are made for journeys, not destinations."

"Viaggiare e cambiare posti conferisce nuovo vigore alla mente". Seneca
"Travel and change of place invigorate the mind."

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