Five must-see cities in Germany

Germany, located in the centre of Europe, is the powerhouse of the EU. The country has one of the strongest economies and has a ton of culture, stunning natural beauty, and a much older history to explore. Here are five cities that you can visit to enjoy the beauty of Germany. If you have some German language skills, this is your opportunity to use them and explore this magnificent country.

Berlin: Historical yet modern

Berlin is one of the largest metropolises with an international population and a wealth of tourist attractions, culture and nightlife. The country's capital has a rich history and well-known historical landmarks such as the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust Memorial. The Berlin Wall was dismantled years ago, but some parts can still be seen near Checkpoint Charlie and the Reichstag. Another major attraction is the famous Museum Island, which consists of numerous museums.

These museums contain spectacular artefacts, temples and even replicas of ancient settlements from many different civilisations. Berlin has much to offer, including two zoos, swimming lakes, public parks and various entertainment options. Annual events in the city include the famous Berlin Film Festival, the Long Night of Museums, the Carnival of Cultures and others.

Düsseldorf: An exciting city on the Rhine

Düsseldorf offers visitors a wonderful European city break with modern, young and popular attractions. It is one of Germany's leading university cities and has a significant cultural past. The city is fun to explore on foot and has a long history that has influenced the artistic and fashion preferences of the nation.

A great place to explore is the Altstadt with its majestic town hall, picturesque market square and almost Parisian boulevards and avenues. Nordpark and Hofgarten are two of Düsseldorf's many parks and nature areas. When night falls and the many nice restaurants, cafés and shops are illuminated, the Rhine promenade, a picturesque walk along the water, is the ideal place to relax.

Frankfurt: A German city with a skyline

Frankfurt has long been considered one of the most important cities in Germany. It is located on the River Main and is a former imperial city. The city is perfect for a weekend getaway or even longer, as it offers numerous historic buildings, first-class sights and fun activities. The charming Römerberg, a restored pedestrian-friendly town square, medieval townhouses, appealing boutiques, galleries, cafés and restaurants are just some of the attractions.

The Museumsufer is home to the excellent Museum of World Cultures and the Museum of Ancient Sculpture. As one of Germany's leading business centres, the financial district with its skyscrapers has earned the city the nickname "Mainhattan". If you are planning to visit the attractive city on the Main, then come and visit us at the Sprachcaffe language school in Frankfurt. It is located right next to the Museumsufer and is in Sachsenhausen, one of the most beautiful districts of Frankfurt.

München: Oktoberfest in the Bavarian capital

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is one of the German cities in Germany that is also very well known outside of Germany. Munich has many splendid pubs, museums, restaurants, cathedrals and beer gardens. The biggest beer festival in the world, the Oktoberfest, which takes place here every autumn, makes the city famous.

Marienplatz square is also well-known, with the New Town Hall, the Old Town Hall and St Mary's Column. The Glockenspiel on the tower balcony of the New Town Hall is a popular destination for tourists. There is also a 150-year-old Ratskeller in the basement of the New Town Hall, which serves traditional German cuisine. If you would like to take a German course in Munich, be sure to check out Sprachcaffe München!

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Hamburg: A unique city with an Innenhafen

Hamburg is one of the busiest and most important port cities in Europe. The city lies on the banks of the Elbe, only 100 kilometres from the North Sea. It was once a member of the Hanseatic League and is now the second largest city in Germany. It is known for its nautical heritage and vibrant nightlife. The canals and waterways that criss-cross the city are an integral part of its history, culture and heritage. Old brick warehouses and the stunningly modern Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall, for example, stand right on the water.

Culinary Hamburg, the northernmost city on our list, also has a lot to offer. Hamburg is a paradise for seafood enthusiasts in particular. There are numerous excellent fish restaurants in Hamburg, which are definitely worth a trip to Hamburg for. In addition, the Hamburg fish market is a real landmark of the city and should definitely be visited.

The bottom line: A trip to Germany is certainly worth it!

There is something beautiful to see everywhere in Germany, from the lovely Rhine and Moselle valleys to the magnificent Bavarian Alps, the impressive shores of Lake Constance and the rugged beaches of the Baltic and North Seas. Germany's cities, large and small, are easily accessible thanks to the excellent motorway and rail network that criss-crosses this central European country. Plan your trip to this wonderful country and enjoy the amazing cultural experiences and exciting excursions into nature.