Where to stay in Malta? : Insider's tips and suggestion

Just south of Sicily lies this small but priceless Mediterranean paradise, the island of Malta, one of the most popular summer destinations in all of Europe. It may be for its ideal climate - it boasts 6 months of summer a year!- for its paradisiacal beaches and for the numerous discos present on the island, but certainly also for the fascinating culture that characterizes it. In short, it is a place that is worth visiting all that remains is to figure out where to stay in Malta. Even if the island is small and you can move around comfortably, in fact, there are still preferable areas in which to find your accommodation, also based on interests and needs. If you want to be closer to the sea, to the clubs or if you prefer a central location in the capital, this can only be decided by you! However, we at Sprachcaffe can give you a hand by providing useful information on where it is best to stay in Malta: continue reading to find out everything about the best places on the island.

Valletta: A walk in Maltese culture

If you have to choose where to stay in Malta for a truly immersive holiday you cannot fail to consider its capital: Valletta. The most important city on the island, it represents the perfect base to fully understand the Maltese cultural aspects, and at the same time explore the surroundings and all the other renowned locations. From here, in fact, the connections to other cities are really excellent, and you cannot visit Malta without walking through the streets of Valletta, so it is a good compromise.

Many define it as an open-air museum, due to how many wonders it has to offer: it is no coincidence, in fact, that its historic center has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Among imposing buildings such as the Grand Master's Palace, important shopping streets and majestic cathedrals that house paintings by Caravaggio, a walk here is truly unmissable.

Furthermore, Valletta is a good area to stay in Malta also for young people interested in nightlife, even if not too lively (for that we will see other more suitable areas!). Bars, pubs and clubs allow you to spend pleasant evenings in a lively location, but always maintaining a romantic and vaguely sophisticated aspect. In this regard, you can imagine that Valletta is not exactly one of the cheapest areas of the island, but on the contrary, the prices of accommodation and hotels are among the highest.

Sliema - One of the best areas to stay in Malta

Not too far from the capital Valletta, Sliema represents a strategic position to comfortably explore the whole island. In fact, it offers an excellent connection to all other areas thanks to the public bus network, and therefore allows you to go exploring even without renting a car.

One of the advantages of Sliema, then, is that it is a town suitable for everyone and any type of trip. For those seeking tranquility, for those traveling with family and children, for those who want to have fun: the answer can always be Sliema, without a shadow of a doubt. This is because we are talking about a lively place, with rather famous bars and nightclubs, but at the same time capable of guaranteeing tranquility and relaxation, shops and shopping streets.

However, if you dream of waking up to the scent of the sea, it is not the best choice, given that there are no beaches in the strict sense in Sliema. Some seafront areas have been designated where you can swim, but for seaside tourism you can find much more comfortable accommodation in Malta.

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Mellieha - a stone's throw from the most beautiful beaches

Mellieha is one of the most popular places in the summer. It is here, in fact, that some of the most beautiful beaches on the entire island of Malta are found, such as Golden Beach, whose golden sand makes it resemble a desert (but overlooking the sea), or Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in Malta. Set in a cliff and reachable by a short staircase, it offers a suggestive panorama and a sheltered, intimate and priceless environment.

Mellieha is therefore the place where it is best to stay in Malta if you are looking for relaxation on the beach, sun and sea, but it also represents a good starting point to reach the other cities of Malta and a center well served with any useful comfort, from supermarkets to clubs . Furthermore, we can also talk about real convenience: among the areas of Malta, in fact, Mellieha is one of the cheapest in which to stay.

Saint Julian's- The heart of nightlife

If you are looking for nightlife, parties and lots of opportunities to dance, then Saint Julian's is the best locaation in Malta. It is located near Sliema, but certainly does not share its peaceful nature: St. Julian's is a lively town, full of opportunities and entertainment during the day and above all, in the evening.

If during the day you have the opportunity to swim on the seafront or take the bus to quickly reach incredible beaches such as St George's Bay, once the sun goes down the parties will certainly not be long in coming. Indeed, the city seems to come to life, with music coming from everywhere and people of all ages who just want to dance, meet people and have fun.

The unique atmosphere of Saint Julian's is one of the advantages that we offer you on Sprachcaffe with study holidays in Malta for adults: right here, in fact, in the vibrant heart of the island, we have decided to position our language school. And the accommodations we offer to our students are also conveniently reachable on foot or by public transport, for an immersive and engaging linguistic-cultural experience. In the morning you study English in a native speaker environment, in the afternoon you relax on the beach and in the evening you go wild in one of the most famous nightclubs in Malta: what could be more beautiful?

Places to stay for Young people: The favorite areas

Malta is an island very popular with young people, indeed, it could be said that it is one of their favourites. Partly because of the nightlife so lively that it is on the same level as Mykonos and Ibiza, partly because of its proximity to Italy, it represents one of the most chosen European destinations for high school graduation trips, or in any case for the first holidays without parents.

For this reason, there are better areas to stay in Malta for young people, because they are very well served by public transport and, above all, where night clubs, discos and beach clubs in which to party are concentrated.


In particular, we recommend that you evaluate accommodation in the Paceville area, one of the neighborhoods of Saint Julian's. Defined by many as the true center of Maltese entertainment, Paceville is a concentration of clubs, pubs and discos where you can party until dawn, and also boasts a beautiful proximity to the beach of St George's Bay.

It's certainly not a quiet spot, let's be clear: here we party, we don't sleep! It is precisely the point of reference for the youngest people on the island, and to meet their needs it is also possible to find many hotels and accommodation at very affordable prices.


Another great area for young people is the suburb of Rabat, in the ancient capital of Medina. Even if a little out of the way, it is precisely here that the most famous and popular open-air disco in Malta is located: the Gianpula Club, a reality that can host up to 4,000 people at the same time, and which offers parties and events of international importance.

Artists and DJs come from all over the world to make you dance on its dancing floors: one of them? The legendary Bob Sinclair. In addition to the party, the area is excellent for exploring the most particular and picturesque aspects of the island, and if this is not enough for you, know that part of Game Of Thrones was filmed right among its streets, which in the series are part of King's Landing!

Where to stay in Malta to save money?


If Mellieha already represents a fairly economical solution, Marsaskala is most likely the best area where it is worth staying in Malta. Located in the south of the island, it is an ancient fishing village that has maintained that authentic charm, despite the island having gradually become more and more touristy and international. In addition to offering the cheapest and most convenient accommodation and accommodation, this is also the ideal place to stop for the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Malta, in its most sincere and typical heart. In short, to experience the island a bit like a native.

Despite the tranquility and quiet that distinguish this village, in Marsaskala there is no shortage of opportunities to have fun and spend pleasant evenings in company. Bars and restaurants at excellent prices are waiting for you to savor the local delicacies, while the beaches are just a stone's throw away and you will be spoiled for choice.


If you dream of an even more local and immersive experience, your place in Malta to stay is certainly Marsaxlokk, which is located very close to Marsaskala and recalls its typical fishing village style. A big difference, however, is that the weekly fish market is held here, an event not to be missed when walking through the streets immersing yourself in the typical atmosphere of the place. Between colorful boats and fish restaurants, this is the most authentic place you can find today on the island.

And among other things it enjoys an exclusive proximity to the Swimming Pool of San Pietro, an unmissable attraction: it is a natural pool formed by the erosion of the rocks, and offers a truly breathtaking landscape.

Unlike most of the places to stay in Malta seen so far, in this area the means are not too efficient. A hire car is recommended to get the most out of the island, unless you're just looking for relaxation on Marsaxlokk. The advantage, however, is certainly the price: we are in one of the cheapest areas ever.

Malta accomodation: now made easy!

In conclusion, your choice of accommodation in Malta should be in line with your travel priorities. Sliema offers accessibility and versatility, Mellieha boasts gorgeous beaches, Saint Julian's offers a lively nightlife, and Bugibba combines fun and relaxation. Valletta offers cultural diversity and nightlife. Young partygoers are catered to in Paceville and Rabat, while Marsaskala and Marsaxlokk offer authentic experiences at a reasonable price. Your ideal stay in Malta will depend on your interests and financial constraints.