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Pathways to your professional success

Your future, your decisions

Students are often unsure about which field of study to choose, considering they have never committed to more intensely specialized forms of education before. It is completely normal not to know what the right place to start is, because people are often not taught much about what happens after they leave school. On top of that, you are expected to know where you want to go to study and to know exactly how to take charge of all of your finances whilst there, even though you may not have previously had to do this very frequently in your life. One of the greatest opportunities that you can get in your life is the chance to study abroad. You might have all of these worries and more on your mind right now. We want you to know that we are here to help you with all of your concerns about your education and everything to do with it, because we understand what it is like to struggle when you are uncertain about what the right choice is for you personally.

Then there is the question of whether you want to study in the country that you grew up in or leave in order to learn more about other parts of the world, as well as getting involved in an educational experience unlike any you have known so far. This is of course one of the hardest choices you may have had to make so far, but it also yields the most qualification granting experiences. Stand out from your peers and improve your market worth by educating yourself abroad and learning the most important practical skills you will need for the rest of your life.

We do not want you to worry too much. That is why we want to let you know about a few things that can help you get an idea about where to begin your planning: Not every university in the USA and Canada requires you to have a TOEFL or IELTS certificate in order to enroll. Many of our partners accept our level 5 or 6 course completion certificates. This means that you will not need to take a language exam, depending which institution(s) you choose to apply for. It is necessary to take language exams or to have certification of the appropriate language skills in order to enter a university in Europe. If you want to keep your choices open in regards to which university you go for, rest assured that the IELTS, TOEFL, Test DAF or DELE test will give you a greater overall flexibility to pick your favorite from the large range of options.

Studying abroad

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity to get to know a new part of the world as well as improving your language skills in the most natural way. This journey will not only give you a lot more life experiences, but also prepare you well for your future career. The education choices you make when you are younger affect the choices that you have and make further down the line. Sprachcaffe understands that it is very important for you to make effective choices that will help you progress further on the path to your goal. We care about your success and want to help you make the right choices along every step of the way.

Advantages of studying abroad

• High standards of education
• Certificates and degrees are proof of distinctive job qualifications
• Studying whilst living in a different country is easier than trying to migrate without studying
• It is possible to transfer the credits to different institutions' grading systems, depending on the type of certification achieved
• Many colleges and universities offer the possibility of getting a job alongside your studies

Your progress driven Pathways program

Once you have completed our language course you will no longer need to take any further courses in order to enter university. Our expert counselors can provide you with any necessary information about North American and European degrees, certificates and further accreditation means that we have listed below. We offer courses that will prepare you for your academic studies as well as classes that prepare you for the IELTS, TOEFL, Test DaF or DELE exams. Studying with us can teach you indispensable research and presentation skills before you enroll at university.

Language course choices

Standard Program

Intensive Program

Super Intensive Program

20 lessons per week (15 hours)

30 lessons per week (22,5 hours)

40 lessons per week (30 hours)

Appropriate from beginner to advanced language skills

Appropriate from beginner to advanced language skills

Appropriate from beginner to advanced language skills

Course duration: 12 weeks or longer (more weeks might be required depending on language ability)

Course duration: 12 weeks or longer

Course duration: 12 weeks or longer

One level is completed after 12 weeks

One level is completed after 12 weeks

One level is completed after 8 weeks

Monday to Friday, 4 lessons per day

Monday to Friday, 6 lessons per day

Monday to Friday, 8 lessons per day

Subjects: University Pathways course and Exam Preparation course

Subjects: Integrated Skills, Active Listening and Elective course (2 lessons)

Subjects: Integrated Skills, Active Listening and Elective course (4 lessons)


Sprachcaffe knows that your accommodation is one of the most important factors in deciding where you want to go and for how long you will want to stay there. We encourage you to be picky by offering you 5 different accommodation options to choose from. Pick the one that is just right for you:

  • Homestay
  • Residence
  • Studio
  • Shared apartments: Standard Apartments and Comfort Apartments

7 steps to your success

  1. Take the online language test
  2. Receive your personalized study plan
  3. Apply to one of the courses we offer
  4. Receive your course completion certificate
  5. Apply to the college or university of your choice
  6. Receive your letter of acceptance and admission documents
  7. Start your program

Things to consider when choosing a university or other academic institution:

1.    Field of study and type of education
2.    Course duration, entry requirements and desired outcomes
3.    Location and advantageous features of the institution
4.    Financing yourself and your education throughout the duration of your studies

College and Technical Institution programs:

  • Certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Associate degree

Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Postgraduate diplomas and postgraduate certificates

Post-Secondary Education

Colleges and technical institutes


Programs that focused on teaching you relevant qualifications for your future career

Improving your research skills and applying critical thinking to your research strategies

Credits you obtain at the end of these programs can be transferred to University grading schemes

Varying types of teaching depending on the course and module types: lectures, tutorials and seminars

Available programs: diploma, certificate, applied Bachelor’s degree and Associate degree

Available programs: Bachelor courses, Masters courses and PhD research fields

Tend to be less expensive than universities

Many research facilities and student societies for social and academic enrichment

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