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About Sprachcaffe Languages Plus

A Leading International Organisation of Language Schools

Sprachcaffe's Top Points:

  • Wide range of languages
  • Numerous worldwide destinations
  • Personalised services to tailor all needs
  • Creative teaching methods

For over 30 years, Sprachcaffe has been one of Europe’s leading language school organisations with more people choosing to study with us every year at our many exciting worldwide destinations. Students come back year after year knowing they can rely on our modern, well-equipped schools; clean and comfortable accommodation options, not to mention our highly competitive prices. Our unique language immersion professional courses allow you to experience the customs and true way of life of your chosen destination; this includes an education in the language as much as in the history and culture of the country.

Your language classes will enhance your holiday experience as you put your knowledge to immediate practice every day, speaking with locals and exploring the sites and attractions of that destination. Your activities outside the classroom will then give you material to discuss during your daily lessons, constantly improving your comprehension and understanding as you experience the language in its everyday use.

Our friendly teachers, fun social activities and open, communicative classroom environments allow you to make new friends quickly with whom you can explore these exciting cities and magnificent natural landscapes. With more than 50, 000 people choosing to learn a language with Sprachcaffe annually, we are constantly improving and upgrading our services so that they meet a variety of individual needs.

At Sprachcaffe we offer courses in a number of languages:

English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic

The Sprachcaffe Language Course Ethos

At Sprachcaffe the main focus is on learning with ease. We believe in learning in a natural way, as you would have done with your native language. This learning process continues 24 hours a day - beginning with dynamic language classes in a stress-free environment, followed by exciting cultural programs involving trips and excursions, and finishing with fun, social activities in the evening. At Sprachcaffe the emphasis in on fun and relaxed learning! This ethos is facilitated by creative, enthusiastic and experienced teachers who foster an environment of open and natural communication within the classroom. We believe in building confidence in speaking from the beginning so that you can go out and use your new language skills straight away with the local people.

We don’t only offer a variety of courses at Sprachcaffe Languages Plus; we also provide a range of great accommodation options to suit everyone’s needs. You may wish to make new friends quickly by sharing an apartment with other international students, or want the full cultural and language immersion experience by living with a local host family, or perhaps you fancy some alone time in the evenings in your own studio. Whatever your needs, we aim to provide you with the most comfortable option as we believe if you are relaxed you will make quicker progress.  

Here you will find an overview of all Sprachcaffe schools across our many exciting destinations.

Sprachcaffe's Variety of Language Courses

The range of language immersion courses offered by Sprachcaffe includes language courses for adults as well as special courses for young people aged 14 and up. In addition to these, we offer unique ‘language and a new skill’ courses in the sunny destinations of Italy, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica and Ecuador. During these courses you have the option to add on some extra dance, drumming and cooking classes to really enhance your cultural education and give you more opportunity to practise the language. Since 2006, we are also proud to say that our product range now includes the popular programs “Travel and Work” as well as “Jobs in Europe”.

Explore the following pages and familiarise yourself with all of our services and products in further detail. We aim to answer all frequently asked questions and to make it clear what it is that makes Sprachcaffe special compared to other language organisations. If you have any questions that you cannot find the answers to here then do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to help.

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