Long-term German courses

Immerse yourself in the German language with language stays from 3 months.

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Long term German language courses

Germany's central position in the EU has given the German language increased importance in the fields of politics and finance. More than 130 million people speak German, making it one of the most influential languages in the world.

Want to learn German? So how about a year abroad in Frankfurt or Munich? With Sprachcaffe's long-term language course you get to learn the language from experienced teachers and explore the country's culture and people. Germany has a very good transport infrastructure, making it the ideal destination for people that want to visit as many locations as possible!

With our language courses you will learn German quickly and be able to practice your skills in every day situations. You and the fellow language students in your class will have a truly unforgettable time exploring all that Germany has to offer.


Munich or Frankfurt: which dream destination are you drawn to?

Experience a new culture

Experience the unique culture of your chosen destination and meet new friends. The experience of a lifetime awaits you!

Learn German

With our long term language courses you will learn German with our tried-and-tested methods and practice your skills both inside and outside the classroom!

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During our personal consultation we will solve any of your doubts and create an individual offer for you.

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Your language course in Germany

With Sprachcaffe you can learn German in two very different cities: Munich, the heart of Bavaria and home of the famous Oktoberfest, or Frankfurt am Main, the famous Main metropolis home of the European Central Bank. Both cities offer a variety of exciting opportunities and activities for you to partake in after your language course.

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