How good is my English

English is long established as the international language- many people are now more or less capable, no matter where it is in the world, to communicate with others using English. "How well"- that is the real question!
English is used today around the world, spoken on all continents, from all nationalities in all imaginable regions... English as it is spoken today has evolved greatly since its origins, and has countless regional dialects in countries such as India, Pakistan Nigeria, Southern Africa and in the Caribbean, many part of Europe, and of course North America and Australia. Shakespeare would doubtless be surprised to hear all these people speaking English in some many different accents!

Many people do not have an accurate assessment of their level of English. Indeed, some understand spoken English without being able to write well, while others know the grammar rules without being able to speak a single sentence well... Knowing our level is difficult, but it is important to know in order to measure your language learning progress.
Sprachcaffe Online Language Magazine Magazine today offers you an online test that will give you an idea of your level of English. Note that this is a written test, so you do not have an oral assessment of your skills!