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Learn English in London St. Margaret's.

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English Courses in London St. Margaret's for Juniors

London is the origin of a lot of modern trends which can be found in many places around the world. It is rich in culture and creative advances and its flow of people is just as lively and fast as its cultural developments. London's plentiful historical landmarks and international districts undeniably make it a city that will never cease to impress its visitors.

The birthplace of modern trends
The heart of tradition

After local students have left for their summer holidays, St. Margaret's welcomes Sprachcaffe's students to its beautiful campus. In London's district of Bushey students have the opportunity to learn the English language in a traditional boarding school, which was established in 1749 and looks very much alike the familiar setting of Harry Potter.

Ample natural surroundings

The tree and greenery filled suburb of Bushey will refresh anyone on their journey to improve their English language skills. The view of this ample environment is not limited to your time in the school, because the accommodation is located on campus as well. This removes the need to travel between campus and the accommodations and leaves a lot more time for City tours, trips and leisure time during your study time at St. Margaret's.

Why travel to St. Margaret's to learn English?

Our St. Margaret's language school campus is located in a very secure area of London, which is highly regarded by both parents and students alike. The nearby district of London Hampstead has a very good reputation and St. Margaret's itself is one of the UK's leading boarding schools. When visiting the college, students will not only be learning the English language as part of the course, but they will also be experiencing it first hand within one of its places of origin, which will provide them with many cultural as well as social insights into the London way of life.

Our English school at St. Margaret's

The St. Margaret's campus is surrounded by beautiful greenery filled areas and is known to be a very secure location for travels and studies. Students can enjoy the complete benefits of being located very close to central London, which they will be visiting for day trips. The school is also located within a short about 30 minute distance from the Luton airport. This airport offers a very good chance of obtaining flights for travelers on a budget in addition to how close it is to your destination at the college.


Course Details

At our language school at London St. Margaret's you can choose between standard and intensive English courses, through which you can also alter the minimum of weeks that it will take for you to complete the course. The standard course contains 20 lessons per week within which you will be encouraged to speak English with confidence and without fearing to be wrong. Without mistakes learning does not take place and teachers aim to boost the student's drive to try the language out by and for themselves in order to reach their language goals successfully.

Both types of courses we offer focus on teaching students by applying the four most vital educational modes. These are participation through speech, listening attentively to maximize their understanding of the language, reading in order to further comprehend the language in their environment and writing to help them solidify the basis of their understanding and help build upon this step by step.

Standard Course

20 lessons (15 hours per week)
Minimum duration: 1 week
Maximum 15** students

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Intensive Course

30 lessons (22.5 hours per week)
Minimum duration: 1 week
Maximum 15** students

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*1 lesson = 45 minutes

**Course only available from 8 July to 19 August

*** We reserve the right to increase class sizes in exceptional circumstances but aim at a maximum of 15 students per class

Our staff are there to cater to all of the students' help and guidance and will be giving them their support throughout their learning and travel experiences. St. Margaret's is an optimal place for all students' needs to be taken care of, in combination with the convenience of all facilities the college has to offer.

We will send out a language assessment test prior to you arriving at the English school in London.
This way, we can ensure that students are placed in the right group to match their age, needs and ability.
Students will also receive a certificate of course completion upon finishing the English course in London.

We recommend that students aged 18+ choose our language courses in Brighton, which are specifically designed for young adults.


St. Margaret's has all of your needs covered, from offering its classrooms for your English lessons, to opening its rooms on its beautiful campus for your comfortable stay. This will give you a feeling of what it is like to be a student at a real British boarding school. Alike in the movies you will be sleeping in the college dorms and going to your language lessons together with your fellow students, which gives you an impressions of what British students do after their holidays.

In your college rooms you will be around your fellow students most of the time and easily make friends with which you'll be able to enjoy your partly communal living during your stay. As all students will be there to learn English you will be able to practice your newly gained skills together on a daily basis in and outside of your course.

Our teamers will be staying in the same buildings as the students in order to help them with anything they need and in case they have any questions. This way the students can rest assured that they will be able to reach their teachers and our teamers at all times. We provide a safe and comfortable stay while offering students the chance to delve first hand into the everyday life of young British nationals the way that no tourist could experience during their visit in the UK.


  • 2 to 5 beds per room
  • Full board
  • Shared bathrooms and free WiFi
  • Room on campus

*Full board includes warm lunch meals

**Only multiple bedded rooms available into which students will be placed (room selection unavailable)


In London there is never a time in which you will not be discovering new landmarks and sights. You will be overwhelmed by how much culture there is which caters to both young and older students' interests in many different ways. From touring the streets of London, to shopping and visiting museums, to parties and group gatherings, everyone is sure to enjoy their trip into learning and soaking up the English language that is being spoken all around them.

The pulse of the city is a sight and feeling to behold as you enter this exciting new location. Whilst you comfortably house with your friends on the St. Margaret's campus, your daily tours will take you on adventures together that you are unlikely to forget.

Sprachcaffe's activities at a glance

To get a glimpse of what an average week with Sprachcaffe in London St. Margaret's consists of, take a look at our sample itinerary below. Participation in many of the activities is voluntary, and you are free to pick the activities that interest you the most!


Placement test & lessons

Orientation tour

Welcome party



Picadilly Circus

Ride on the London Eye*



City Tour of London*

Free evening



Shopping trip

River Cruise*



National Gallery

Farewell Evening


Full-day trip to Oxford
or Departure



* Even more fun with the Intensive Leisure Fun Pack!

With the ultimate Intensive Leisure Fun Pack you have the opportunity to take part in more excursions and activities. This package is offered at an additional cost of only 60 GBP per week.

Daily Excursions

On our program you need never worry about a single day passing without new and exciting experiences. Our language trip will expose you to the riches of the most lively British city, enabling you to learn more and more English every day even outside of your lesson periods. 

Our daily excursions offer you all of the entertainment and wonder that you could ask for and they are sure to fulfill your expectations about fun and educational value on your way.

Please note: Any free time is risk assessed by  our teamers and curfews are inplace fo all our accommodation options for students aged under 18

Fish & Chips, Pizza and many more famous foods await when you come to the college of St. Margaret's to learn not only the English language, but also taste the young British students' way of life.

You will be welcomed with an orientation in which you will be shown the language school at the college and the area around it, which will give you an impression of the beauty of the Bushey suburb. Our large welcoming party will enable you to make new friends right from the start and you will also begin to feel right at home as we entertain you in the evening and help you settle in to your language trip stay.

After you become familiar with the campus and the are in which you will be situated, you will be taken on daily excursions to London. In these excursions you will get to see the British Gallery's amazing treasures and visual sensations, discover London's historic landmarks and go shopping in order to partake in the breadth of activities the capital has to offer. Students will also be invited on a trip to Oxford which will further enrich their movie-set-like experience due to the various films which have used London and Oxford in particular for their fictional settings. Traveling to these locations is very exciting due to the knowledge that certain beloved actors have formerly had their moments to shine on the very ground that you will set foot on as well.

Prices and Booking

Sign up for the language experience that will not only teach you about the English language, but also enriches your knowledge about its birthplace, right in the heart of culture in a city brimming with life. The fast pulse will give you a completely new set of experiences, which takes you for an immersive journey into the fascinating world of London. You have the opportunity to live very close to the city center while being provided with the comfort and affordability of residing on sight at the campus in which the language school is set.

Services included

From Sprachcaffe you get an all-round carefree package. Everything you need for a successful language stay is included in the price. Whether it's: arrival as well as excursions, accommodation, language course, teaching materials, language certificate and of course a priceless memory.

All inclusive services at a glance

Prices and Booking for your Language Trip to St. Margaret's

Transfers: Please arrange arrival and departure flight at London Heathrow (LHR) from 09:00-19:00.

Accompanied flights: Unaccompanied Minor Service offered only if required by airline.

Whilst on campus you'll be closer to other students and the local environment than ever. Every interesting destination is close within your reach, with connections that will take you to everything you'll need to see in London. Whilst soaking up all new impressions from your journey you will be securing your ability to speak to people from all over the world, thereby opening up all new possibilities for your career as well as your social life.

London is sure to be a city you won't soon forget and a place shat should not be missing from anyone's personal bucket list. Pick up the language naturally while touring through the city and become linguistically eloquent in a way that only studying in London could help you be.

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