Chinese course in Beijing for Juniors

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Learn Chinese in a goldmine of history and tradition

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Chinese Courses in Beijing for Juniors

Learn Chinese in the heart of China's capital city and say "ni hao" to a whole new world of adventure with Sprachcaffe. Discover the language, culture and charm of this fascinating city while you enjoy the language and travel experience of a lifetime. Beijing is just a click away, so whether you are a keen historian, an enthusiastic cultural explorer or simply looking for an unforgettable adventure in China's capital, you won't be disappointed with a trip to Beijing with Sprachcaffe. You'll find yourself picking up the Chinese language naturally as you hear it every day out in the city after your daily lessons.

From the city’s vibrant nightlife to its colorful culture and awe-inspiring history, you will find yourself embracing the Eastern world and living it up in true Chinese style while you create awesome memories and perfect a language skill that will open the doors to your future. Absorb the beauty and charm of the ancient temples, discover previously unknown flavors in the traditional cuisine and visit some of the city’s world famous attractions, all the while enjoying the world-renowned Chinese hospitality.

Our Chinese courses for young people are guaranteed to ensure that you enjoy an exciting and effective learning experience while embracing the beauty of your surroundings. Embark on a journey that will help you reach your language goals and discover the captivating blend of East and West in Beijing. From its awe-inspiring architecture to its lush green parks and exquisite tapestry of tradition and modernity, the city of Beijing is a one-of-a-kind destination and the perfect place to indulge your senses and learn the intricate Chinese language.

Why Learn Chinese in Beijing?

Forget about learning a language from textbooks and tapes and get ready for a language experience that will change your life. Learning Chinese is an exhilarating experience and by absorbing the language naturally and spontaneously while you enjoy an unforgettable vacation abroad, you will find yourself learning every nuance almost effortlessly. Not only will your language skills flourish in this exciting and nurturing environment but as a young adult you will enjoy the freedom that every teenager craves in a safe and supervised environment.

Chinese Language School in Beijing for Young People

Located nearby the heart of Beijing's Forbidden City, our school offers you a tranquil, exciting and liberating learning environment. Learn every nuance of the Chinese language in our school, surrounded by lush green parks, or ouside in the streets, shops and museums of Beijing. With the combination of an effective classroom environment, natural beauty and lovely architectural charm, you will never be short of breathtaking inspiration.

With the help of our qualified and friendly language teachers you will be sure to enjoy a personalized and effective learning experience. Our teachers make sure you make the most of your class time, ensuring that you reach your language goals while enjoying an invigorating vacation in one of the world's most charismatic destinations. Enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Ancestral Temple and the lush Imperial Gardens or take a walk to the famous shopping street ofWangfujing.

With a true abundance of breathtaking sights surrounding the school, you will have ample opportunity to make the most of your free time and explore your surroundings. From relaxing in the parks, enjoying a snack in the nearby restaurants or discovering the cultural palace of Wen Hua Gong, your free time is all set to be memorable and exciting while giving you the extra opportunity to build your confidence as your language skills progress.

Course Details

We offer standard Chinese courses for all students which consist of 4 lessons per day from Monday to Friday. Classes begin in the morning and finish early in the day so that students have plenty of time to explore the city with us on our exciting activity program. During this time out and around Beijing, students get the chance to practise what they have learned in class in real-life situations.

Our native teachers at the Chinese school in Beijing provide modern teaching materials for the duration of the course. They use open and dynamic methods that encourage participation and communication, as well as fun! These include games, role play, debates and discussions. All methods involve speaking in Chinese from the beginning which commits the language to memory more easily.

Standard Course

20 lessons a 45min. (15 hours per week)
Minimum duration 1 week
Group size max. 15

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Intensive Course

30 lessons of 45 minutes each
Recognised as educational leave
Minimum duration 1 week
Group size max. 15

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The teachers at the Chinese school in Beijing are dedicated to helping students have fun and feel comfortable while they learn. They are always nearby for any questions or help students need linguistically or otherwise.

You will be sent an online language assessment test to complete before you arrive in Beijing. This allows us to place you in the right group for your level and for our teachers to design the courses based on the individual needs of their students. You will receive a certificate of completion before you leave the Chinese language school in Beijing.


Comfort is the key when it comes to truly enjoying an awesome adventure abroad and our school residence has seamlessly combined the charms of the Eastern world with the comforts of the West to ensure that your time in Beijing remains unforgettable. After an action-packed day, you will relish the peace, harmony and tranquility of our accommodation while you reflect on your experiences. If you need some time to recharge your batteries before exploring more of Beijing, but still want to socialize, then our accommodation is the perfect place for that. The company of your fellow students will enrich your experience while offering you unlimited opportunities to practise your new language skills and make friendships that will last a lifetime.


Double and multi-bed rooms
Full board
Shared bathroom, spacious room & destination inspired décor
10-15 min walk from the school

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Our residence is located a mere 10 minute walk from the Sprachcaffe school, making it a quick, easy and convenient option. Absorb the beauty of your surroundings while you enjoy the walk to and from the school or use the accommodation as the perfect starting point for your adventures.


After your Chinese lessons, you will have the opportunity to participate in a varied recreational program almost every afternoon and evening. Apart from your language course, your free time activities are what you will remember longest and what will make your language holiday an amazing experience!

In addition to trips to the cinema, we also organize quiz nights and parties, providing the perfect opportunity to get to know people from around the world and make new friends. And what's more, you'll have the possibility to practise and improve your Chinese outside the classroom.

During any first stay in Beijing, a sightseeing tour of the city should be at the top of your list of things to do. There is an endless number of places of interest to discover in the capital of China; from the Great Wall of China to the magnificent Summer Palace. And don't forget to try the authentic and absolutely delicious Chinese cuisine!

We also organize excursions to towns, regions, and attractions surrounding Beijing, for example to the Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, or the Biyun Temple.

Below is a sample itinerary for a week in Beijing with us. Please note that it is just a sample, and the itinerary changes from week to week.


Placement test & lessons

Orientation tour

Welcome party



Tai Chi lesson: try out the traditional Chinese martial art

Table football*



Capital Museum: discover the ancient artwork of China

Gongfu Show*: enjoy the legend of kung fu presented by China's best performers



Trip to Lama temple*

Free evening



Silk Street Market: Beijing's biggest shopping centre

Farewell party


Full-day trip to Olympic Park (or to the Great Wall*)
or Departure



* Even more fun with the Intensive Leisure Fun Pack!

With the ultimate Intensive Leisure Fun Pack you have the opportunity to take part in more excursions and activities. This package is offered at an additional cost of only 90 USD per week.

Prices & Booking

Our great value price includes the full range of services for an unforgettable holiday and learning experience: these include Chinese lessons, full-board accommodation and an after class leisure program full of exciting trips, excursions and activities

Services included

From Sprachcaffe you get an all-round carefree package. Everything you need for a successful language stay is included in the price. Whether it's: arrival as well as excursions, accommodation, language course, teaching materials, language certificate and of course a priceless memory.

All inclusive services at a glance

Once you have chosen your course, you can register for young people's courses here. Or contact us for any queries you have about the course.

Transfers: Arranging your own flights can save you up to €980! The cost of your transfer from the airport to your accommodation is covered by our all-inclusive price. Please organize arrival at Beijing Capital Airport (PEK) from 08:00-17:00 and departure from 08:00-15:00.

Accompanied flights: Unaccompanied Minor Service is offered only if required by airline.