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English Course in Frankfurt for Juniors

Learn English in "Mainhattan", the cosmopolitan metropolis on the river Main!

Frankfurt is famous for its unique skyline, which gives the city its own special flair. This multicultural city is also the financial center of Europe so English can be heard wherever you go. Our language school is located in the beautiful district of Sachsenhausen, a hip, trendy district that exudes a special charm! A short walk will take you to the river Main and over the bridge downtown! The Museum Embankment is particularly close, where there are many impressive museums to explore.

With an English Language Course in Frankfurt you won't only learn the language, you can also rely on an extensive cultural activity program. In addition, you'll meet language students from all over the world and make friends from different countries.

For participants aged 12 to 17, we offer a supervised program with many activities. Participants aged 18-21 years receive a flexible program with activities that students in this age group can choose to take part in or not. For language lovers who are already over 18 years old, we also offer English language courses for adults.

Our School in Frankfurt

The language course takes place in our school in Sachsenhausen, just 10 minutes' walk from your accommodation. In addition, the school is just a 15 minute walk to the city center.

The Sprachcaffe language school building is also the headquarters of our company. It offers all modern amenities to make your stay a memorable one. There is a large lounge with a coffee bar, a large terrace where you can relax between or after classes and a computer with internet access.

You will find everything you need within walking distance. There are many cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques, in addition to stations in Frankfurt's well-connected transport system.

If you want to use the internet we have a Wi-Fi network available, and a free computer for students to use. For group assignments, we have a study hall available and a library service providing books to buy or borrow on request.

Course Details

Even in Germany you can learn effective English: Language courses for students are the best way if you want to improve your English skills quickly and effectively. Here in Frankfurt we offer standard and intensive English courses for learners of all abilities. The classes are not the dry, boring experience you may have had in school - on the contrary, our English teachers let you experience the language in a fun and interactive way.

The English courses for young students in Frankfurt consist of four (standard) or six (intensive) lessons per day, i.e. 20 or 30 lessons a week. Grammar and text work will be part of language teaching, but the main focus is on providing the atmosphere and discussion topics to help students learn to speak freely, as it is only through applying the language in everyday situations that you achieve security and confidence in your knowledge of the English language.

Standard Course

20 lessons per week
Minimum duration: 1 week
Maximum 15 students

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Intensive Course

30 lessons (22.5 hours per week)
Minimum duration: 1 week
Maximum 15 students

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* One lesson = 45 minutes

In order for your experience ​​in Frankfurt to be effective from the beginning, your trip will start with a placement test to make sure you're put in the appropriate group with classmates who are similar in ability to you. You can also take our online placement test to see what level you are currently, but don't worry, that result is not final and is not taken into account. When you embark on your language trip, you will start your course on Monday to get as much teaching as possible. When you finish your classes you will receive a certificate certifying your participation in our English courses in Frankfurt, as well as your language level achieved.


Since you will also need a place to stay on your language trip, we offer you three accommodation options in Frankfurt. You have the choice between a selected host family, our residence or a hotel.

With the host family option you will be accommodated in a room that you'll share with another Sprachcaffe student. The family you stay with will provide you with full board including a packed lunch. To ensure the quality of our host families, they are generally not located directly in the city center. However, the school and city center can be reached by public transport in less than 30 minutes from each host family.

Our residence is located a few minutes' walk from the school. There you can stay in a dorm with other young students from around the world.

The hotel in Frankfurt is also near the school and offers students rooms to share with another student, each with shared bathroom.


Double room
Full board
Max. 30 mins from the school by public transport

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Multi-bed room
Shared bathroom
5-10 minute walk from school

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Double room
Shared bathroom
5 minute walk from school

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In our residence each student shares a room with either 1, 2 or 3 other international students. This offers a great opportunity for students to make friends, work on homework together and continue to use their English after class. In order to adequately recharge their batteries, students receive full board: breakfast and dinner are served at the residence and for lunch students get a delicious packed lunch.

The school is only a 10 minute walk from the residence and there's also a subway station and bus stop very close by. You'll be fully mobile and have the best conditions to embark on exciting adventures in Frankfurt!

Please note that only students aged 14-17 will only share a room with other students in this age group, and the same goes for the age group 18-21.


You will have plenty of leisure time on your language holiday, allowing you to make great friends and lasting memories. For this reason we plan many activities and surprises so your time in Frankfurt won't be forgotten any time soon.

Our recreational program consists of exciting and varied activities, including a big welcome and farewell party! A typical week in Frankfurt also includes a cruise on the riverMain, a guided city tour, a city rally, sporting events, pool visits, shopping, workshops, quizzes and movie nights as well as a picnic by the river.

Excursions in and around Frankfurt

The price also includes a weekly half-day excursion, usually to the zoo or the Beach Club in Offenbach.

For those staying for two or more weeks, there is also a weekly full-day excursion. Destinations usually include the likes of Wiesbaden, Heidelberg or Marburg. You'll never be bored with us, and you'll get a great insight into German culture and history by visiting some of the country's most beautiful cities.

Leisure Activities at a Glance

The table below is a sample week to give you an idea of the variety of interesting activities we offer. Participation in many of the activities described is voluntarily. You are free to pick the activities that interest you the most!

Bear in mind that this is just a sample of some of the activities we offer, and the itinerary changes from week to week. Once in Frankfurt, you'll be given the itineraries for the weeks you're there.


Placement test & lessons

Orientation tour

Welcome party



Goethe museum

Laser Tag*



Main Tower*: one of the tallest buildings of the city

Free evening



Senckenberg Museum: one of Germany's largest Nature museums

Movie Night*



Boat trip on the Main river*

Farewell party


Full-day trip to Heidelberg
or Departure



* Even more fun with the Intensive Leisure Fun Pack!

With the ultimate Intensive Leisure Fun Pack you have the opportunity to take part in more excursions and activities. This package is offered at an additional cost of only 90 EUR per week.

Prices and Booking

With our great value English courses, young people get the chance to travel abroad independently while learning a useful skill during the school holidays. In our well-established school in Frankfurt students are taught by highly qualified, native speaking teachers in a creative and fun environment.

The single competitive price includes all the services needed for teenagers to feel relaxed and comfortable: this includes full-board accommodation, after-school activities and constant help and supervision. 

Don't hesitate to contact us for any queries you might have about the course.

Adult courses are also available to young people over the age of 18.


Transfers: Please try to organize an incoming flight arriving at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) between 10am and 7pm local time and a return flight leaving Frankfurt between 8am and 5pm local time. Transfer from Frankfurt main station is possible at any time.

Accompanied flights: Unaccompanied Minor Service is offered only if required by airline.

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