Sprachcaffe is proud to present the Sprachcaffe Blog-Summer Contest

Frankfurt am Main, July 11, 2011 - The Sprachcaffe Blog-Summer Contest is the newest promotion from Sprachcaffe. Until September 18, 2011, Sprachcaffe language students can win great prizes by blogging about their experiences during language courses and associated travels. The winner of the Sprachcaffe Blog-Summer contest will be awarded an Apple iPad 2, second place will win an Apple iPod Touch and third place will receive a Nintendo Wii.

The Sprachcaffe Blog-Summer contest calls for all Sprachcaffe language students to keep a daily journal of their experiences while studying abroad. During their stay abroad, contest participants can document their personal language course and travel experiences by posting entertaining texts and lots of pictures and videos of the language courses, language school and the free time activities. Students, who would like to participate in the Sprachcaffe Blog-Summer contest and already write a blog, can register their blog on Sprachcaffe’s website. Also on Sprachcaffe’s website, students who would like to participate in the Sprachcaffe Blog-Summer contest but do not yet write a blog can find detailed instructions of how to setup a blog and publish a post. In order to qualify for the Sprachcaffe Blog-Summer contest, participants must blog for a period of at least 3 weeks and make at least 8 blog posts during this time.

Participants of the Sprachcaffe Blog-Summer contest can continue to post articles to their blog even after their language courses are finished. They can also take advantage of having an established audience and continue to share their experiences and adventures with them. The number of ways participants can design their blogs is practically unlimited. Creativity really counts - not only will our Sprachcaffe Jury assess the blogs on how frequently pictures and videos are posted, but also on the quality of the content of the posts. When assessing blogs, the jury will ask questions like: “Does the blog have an attractive design?”, “Are the blog posts reader-friendly?”, and “Is the content of the posts diversified and entertaining?”. Another important criteria while assessing the blogs is the interaction with the reader. The more often a post is commented on and the more often the post is referenced to, linked or “liked”, the better the chances of winning!

For more information about the Sprachcaffe Blog-Summer contest, please visit our website at www.sprachcaffe.com/blog-summer.