Sprachcaffe Language Schools Worldwide

Sprachcaffe is an association of over 20 language schools that follow common quality guidelines. Since 1983, we have been organising language stays for people who want to learn a language on site in a natural environment, in everyday life together with other like-minded people. In this way, a language course becomes an experience from which you profit in the long term.

We are proud to be able to offer you various fantastic Sprachcaffe language schools in the most exciting places in the world. At our language institutes, you are guaranteed to meet international friends thanks to our numerous partners around the world. This creates a unique atmosphere, which we describe with our motto "Learn languages, meet people".

On this page, we introduce you to all Sprachcaffe schools. Each of our language schools offers language courses for different language levels and desired intensity, duration or objective.

St. Julian's, Malta

The Sprachcaffe language school in Malta - St. Julian's is one of our most popular language schools for learning English. Nowhere else can you learn English in such wonderful summer weather. The highlight is our Sprachcaffe Club Village. There you will find air-conditioned classrooms, a restaurant and a large pool. These are the best conditions for a relaxing and educational language holiday in the middle of the Mediterranean. We look forward to welcoming you to our language school in Malta - St. Julian's!

At our English Language School in Malta St Julian's we offer the following programmes:

St. Paul's Bay, Malta

One of our English language schools in Malta is located in St Paul's Bay. We offer English courses there as part of our student language travel programme. Our language students stay there not far from the language school in beautiful St. Paul's Bay. St. Paul's Bay is a coastal district in the north of Malta. It is a popular tourist destination and is known for its picturesque beaches, restaurants and bars.

The language school is located in the Sprachcaffe Club Village. It is not far from St. Paul's Bay and can be reached in just a few minutes. Our language students stay in our beautiful residence in St. Paul's Bay. There they will find everything they need for a wonderful stay in Malta.

You can find more information about our language school at Language Courses for Students Malta St. Paul's Bay.

Brighton, United Kingdom

Our language school in Brighton is one of our English language schools in England for learning English. Brighton is located on the south coast of England and offers untypically sunny holiday weather, especially in the summer months. You can also visit lots of exciting sights in Brighton after your lessons at our language school. The highlight of a trip to Brighton is Brighton Pier. There you can eat, take part in rides or play all kinds of games at the Brighton Pier stalls.

Come to our Brighton language school and learn English effectively with other students from all over the world. At our English language school in Brighton, we offer language courses in the following programmes:

London, United Kingdom

When it comes to learning English at a language school in the UK, London is usually the first city most people want to travel to. This is mainly due to the fact that London, as the capital of England, has great drawing power. In London, you have the best opportunity to improve your English with native speakers and international students from our language school and to put it into practice. This will help you to increase your confidence in the English language in the long term.

In addition, a language study trip to London offers you the opportunity to visit many attractions in the cosmopolitan city. Participation in our English programme in London will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

We offer the following programmes at our English language school in London:

London St. Margaret's College, United Kingdom

We have a second language school in London. It is located in the north of London and we call it North London College. Just outside of London, the language school is a little further away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so you can concentrate completely on your English language course. However, you still have the opportunity to improve your English with native British speakers and can travel to central London and visit all of London's most popular sights.

The language school at North London College is also a very special programme, as you will be part of a real British college. If you have the dream of studying at a college in London, a language study trip there is the best way to realise your dream and experience life at a college in London.

We offer the following programmes at our North London College:

Eastbourne, United Kingdom

The southern English coastal town of Eastbourne is a charming city where learning English is sure to be easy. Concentrate on your English course at the Eastbourne language school in the morning and explore the area around the school in the afternoon. Explore the kilometres of beach and spend your free time with numerous and varied activities.

In addition to water sports and the Seven Sisters Country Park, a trip to London (on a two-week language study trip) or an exciting hike on Beachy Head awaits you. You're guaranteed never to get bored in Eastbourne. You can also visit the town centre and put your English to the test in conversations with the locals.

At our language school in Eastbourne, we offer English language courses as part of the following language study trips:

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

There is also a wonderful Sprachcaffe language school in Bournemouth where you can learn English. In the popular holiday resort in England, our language school is only a short distance from the many beaches in Bournemouth. This makes a visit to Bournemouth a highlight, especially in the warm summer months during the long summer holidays. In addition to the language course in the morning, our language students can spend the rest of the day on the beach. A stay at our Bournemouth language school thus combines a relaxing summer holiday with an effective English course.

At our English language school in Bournemouth, we offer English language courses as part of the following language trips:

Toronto, Canada

At our language school in Toronto, Canada, you have the opportunity to experience a language study trip in North America. The Canadian language school in Toronto is centrally located in Old Town Toronto. From there, you can easily reach all of Toronto's sights. First and foremost, of course, the imposing CN Tower. We are proud that our Toronto language school is officially accredited by Languages Canada.

Come to Canada and experience a very special language school on your language study trip. There you can improve your English under the best conditions and get to know Canada and its people with your own eyes. What are you waiting for? Find out more about our language school in Toronto now!

At our language school in Toronto, we offer language courses in the following programmes:

Vancouver, Canada

In addition to Toronto, we also have another language school in Canada where you can learn English. This is located in beautiful Vancouver, in the far west of Canada. Our language school in Vancouver is located directly in downtown Vancouver. This means that during your time in Vancouver, you will experience the life of a world-famous Canadian capital at close quarters.

From the classroom, you can enjoy the beauty of Vancouver's extremely varied landscapes. In addition to the vast ocean, you can also see the gigantic mountains in the immediate vicinity of Vancouver from the window of our Vancouver language school.

At our language school in Vancouver, we offer language courses as part of the following programmes:

Barcelona, Spain

Excellent Spanish lessons await you at our language school in Barcelona during the summer. Our language school in Barcelona is located directly in the residence where you will be staying. This saves you the daily commute to school. As we know that most students in Barcelona want to spend a lot of time on the beach, our language school in Barcelona is only a few minutes' walk from the beach on the Mediterranean.

You can go there after your Spanish lessons and enjoy the beautiful summer weather in Barcelona. All the other activities in Barcelona, such as the sights, are also within easy reach of our language school in Barcelona.

At our language school in Barcelona, we offer Spanish language courses as part of the following programmes:

Madrid, Spain

In Madrid, you can experience your Spanish lessons among like-minded people at our language school for adults. You can learn Spanish in small groups and discover Madrid together with the other students after a successful day at the language school.

The language school in Madrid is equipped with the best facilities and our experienced Spanish teachers will teach you Spanish in a fun and motivating way. There are 7 classrooms and a beautiful roof terrace with a view of Madrid.

At our language school in Madrid, we offer Spanish language courses as part of the following programmes:

Málaga, Spain

Our language school in Málaga is another of our beautiful Spanish language schools on the Mediterranean. What could be better than taking a dip in the warm Mediterranean Sea directly after your Spanish course or repeating what you have learned under a parasol on the beach?

All this is possible during a one-off stay at our language school in Málaga. So why not come to Málaga next summer and improve your Spanish in paradisiacal conditions?

In Málaga, one of our first language schools in Spain, we offer Spanish language courses in the following programmes:

Havana, Cuba

Learn Spanish in the Caribbean! This is exactly what distinguishes our language school in Havana. You will not only be offered an excellent Spanish course, but much more. You can explore one of the most exciting capitals in the world, relax on paradisiacal beaches and enjoy cool refreshing drinks in beach bars.

For this reason, we are proud to count our language school in Havana among our language schools for learning Spanish. Visit us in Cuba and make the most of your Spanish course in Havana.

Our language school in Havana, one of the most exotic language schools on offer, we offer Spanish courses as part of the following programmes:

Florence, Italy

Learn Italian and experience La Dolce Vita up close. That's what our language school in Florence offers you. You can spend your holiday in Florence with other adults and learn Italian at the same time. Visit the ancient city together and enjoy the world-famous Italian food.

Our Florence language school is well prepared for all language levels. You can also come to our Italian language school in Florence without any previous knowledge and improve your Italian in no time.

At our language school in Florence, we offer Italian courses as part of the following programmes:

Nice, France

The language school in Nice is one of the highlights of our language schools, as it is located in the beautiful south of France. You can learn French directly on the Mediterranean coast and benefit from the advantages of the French city of Nice. Nice is known as one of the most popular seaside resorts in France and throughout Europe. Perfect for a successful language holiday, where you can enjoy a unique summer and improve your French skills at the same time.

At our language school in Nice, we offer French courses as part of the following programmes:

Beijing, China

A trip to China in the Far East is something very special and lets you immerse yourself in a completely different world. Why not learn Chinese while you're there? That's exactly what you can do at our language school in Beijing.

Our Beijing language school offers the best Chinese lessons and is located right next to the Forbidden City in the centre of Beijing. Are you ready for a challenge? Then learn Chinese with us at our language school in China.

Our language school in Beijing is also one of our language schools. There we offer Chinese courses as part of the following programmes:

Rabat, Morocco

Our Morocco language school is located in the capital city of Rabat. There you can attend either an Arabic course or a French course. You can also choose our combination course and learn both languages at the same time. A trip to Rabat is as versatile as it gets. In addition to an exciting city centre, numerous beautiful sandy beaches and breathtaking landscapes await you.

We are delighted that our language schools include Rabat, where we offer Arabic and French courses. You can visit our language school in Rabat as part of the following programmes:

Frankfurt, Germany

The language school in Frankfurt am Main is also the headquarters and head office of Sprachcaffe. The very well-equipped language school offers German courses not only for international students. In the context of a language study trip. Locals from Frankfurt and the surrounding area also find their course at the Frankfurt language school. In addition to German, English, Spanish, French and many other foreign languages are also offered as language courses.

Come to us in Frankfurt and learn a foreign language together with us at the language school. In addition, you can exchange ideas with other international participants and explore the city of Frankfurt. The language school is located in the immediate vicinity of the Mainufer. There you will find many museums and can relax in good weather.

At our language school in Frankfurt, we offer English and German courses in the following programmes, among others:

Munich, Germany

In addition to Frankfurt, you can also come to our beautiful Munich language school and take a German course. The German school is located in the exciting nightlife district of Schwabing. There you will find lots of delicious restaurants and quaint bars.

You'll also be thrilled by the many museums, beer gardens, music clubs and, not forgetting, the annual Munich Oktoberfest. So what are you waiting for? Come to our language school in Munich and experience a German course with lots of adventure.

At our language school in Munich, we offer German courses in the following programmes, among others: