10 najlepszych stron, pomocnych w planowaniu podróży

Planujesz swoje wymarzone wakacje? Szukasz pomysłu na tani wypad poza miasto na weekend? Szukasz opinii na temat hotelu? Chcesz kupić najtańsze bilety lotnicze? Szukasz profesjonalnej sali konferencyjnej? Planujesz trasę samochodową? Planujesz podróż biznesową? Szukasz współtowarzysza podróży? Poznaj strony interenetowe, które pomogą Ci zaplanować idealną podróż bez względu na to jakie masz wymagania!
Poniżej przedstawiamy jedyna taką możliwie wyczerpującą listę najbardziej przydatnych w trakcie planowania podróży stron internetowych. Z pewnością pomogą one Wam znaleźć zarówno podróżnicze szalone inspiracje ale też wesprą dobrą radą abyście podczas swoich wojaży czuli się bezpiecznie, konfortowo! Zaczynamy! 1. Lonely Planet
Jedna z najbardziej znanych stron podróżniczych na świecie. Kopalnia wiedzy na wszelkie tematy związane z podróżami. Na stronie znajdziesz prawdziwe opinie o hotelach, miejscach, zabytkach, plażach, restauracjach... i setki innych. Dowiesz się więcej o kuchni, kulturze, wymaganych dokumentach, ubezpieczeniach w danym kraju. Przeglądaj przewodniki, rezerwuj noclegi, wypżyczaj samochody, kupuj bilety lotnicze, znajdź inspiracje, przeglądaj piękne zdjęcia innych podróżujących, sprawdź prognozę pogody i wyruszaj w podróż życia! Na tej stronie znajdziesz odpowiedź na każde pytanie dotyczące podróży na całym świecie! >>  www.lonelyplanet.com
2. Airbnb Pomysł jest prosty i genialny: The concept is simple: you have the opportunity to find the perfect accommodation for your trip, and be welcomed like you were at home! Indeed, the slogan of the site is "Welcome home." Airbnb offers you to choose your destination, length of stay and the number of travelers. You then have access to a list of different rooms or units offered by the inhabitants of the city you have chosen. Prices may vary widely, so you can limit your search to your budget. No matter where you go, you are sure to find a warm welcome every time! Website:  www.airbnb.com
3. Rome2Rio
How to get from Rome to Rio? How to reach New York from Vancouver? The Rome2Rio website will guide you from point A to point B and show you all the travel options that will transport you to where you want to go. Whether you want to travel by bus, train, plane, car pooling ... See you at the end of the world or in the next town over! Plus, you get an indication of the cost each trip, so you can choose the most economical way to travel for your budget! Website: www.rome2rio.com4. Bla Bla Car
Train and plane too expensive? Bus trips are too long? Don't have a car? No problem! Car pooling is the answer to your transportation worries!  Bla Bla Car offers a platform on which you can find a carpool link to the destination of your choice. Pay half the price of your trip, meet different people while traveling together! The site operates in 13 countries for more than 10 million registered members. Have a nice trip! Website: www.blablacar.com5. Couch Surfing
This site was all the rage at its inception in 2004, traveling where you want and stay for free in an unknown. That's the motto of the site, to think that we all have friends anywhere in the world we do not know yet, but who are ready to welcome us with open arms at home. The couch surfing network represents 9 million guests in more than 120 000 cities in the world. Ideal for those with limited means and desire to meet new people! Website: www.couchsurfing.com
6. Round the World Tours
This site offers endless possibilities for guided trips that circle around the world! Hop to Europe, America, Asia, and back again! Choose theme tours, like Safari, Golfing, Movie Studios, Cruises, customized trips, all-inclusive travel... You will find a large number of travel options and you only have to choose the one that suits you best. It is the ideal place for the adventurous who want to see several continents in one trip! Website:  www.aroundtheworldtours.com7. Kayak
Kayak is a superb, no nonsense website that allows you to quickly get the cheapest flight from point A to point B. The UI is the cleanest experience ever, especially when compared to the actual airlines websites! This website is an amazing time saver, and essential for anyone who is researching flights and wants the best price. Website:  www.kayak.com
8. Twenty Something Travel
Twenty Something Travel has an abundance of articles stuffed with advice for younger people. You can sort articles by regions, get product reviews, get advice about studying abroad... theres something for any young traveller here! Website: www.twenty-somethingtravel.com9. A Luxury Travel Blog
Interested in luxury travel? This blog focuses on the finer aspects of travel and serves as a gateway for the discerning traveller, providing information on the most luxurious hotels and resorts, the finest restaurants and news from within the luxury travel industry, to name just a few. Website: www.aluxurytravelblog.com10. Wandering Trader
Marcello Arrambide is living an amazing life- he makes a living trading the financial markets, and manages to travel to many different countries at the same time. Read about his adventures and how he inspires others to follow his example! Website: www.wanderingtrader.com