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Playa del Carmen is a Caribbean paradise where there’s so much to discover, experience and marvel at. Without doubt this small coastal city will surprise you with its incredible variety of interesting sights and cultural free time activities - you probably won’t be able to see anywhere near everything in just one language holiday. We have collated some information which will give you an overview of Playa del Carmen and so might make planning your travel a bit easier.

Highlights in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen's location on the Yucatan peninsula offers you the perfect starting point for excursions into the exotic Mexican flora and fauna as well as into the fascinating world of the ancient Maya. After an exciting tour through Mexico's nature and culture, you can relax at one of countless white sand beaches. See for yourself that Playa del Carmen is full of highlights!

Lifestyle in Playa del Carmen

The people in Playa del Carmen are very friendly and hospitable. The awareness of their cultural heritage has grown immensely in recent years, so that nowadays you can't help but notice the pride that locals take in their colorful lifestyle and ancient traditions. Come and enjoy the colonial atmosphere, the delicious Mexican cuisine and the Playa del Carmen lifestyle yourself!

Eating out in Playa del Carmen

One of the best parts of going on a holiday in another country is tasting the local cuisine. The traditional Mexican food is extremely varied and offers something for everyone. There are countless delicious dishes that combine ancient Mayan preparation traditions with Spanish recipes and fresh ingredients.

Don't miss out on visiting one of the many restaurants where local dishes are freshly prepared at reasonable prices. Eating out in Playa del Carmen will be a whole new experience of taste and flavor for you. Enjoy the exotic culinary side of Mexico!

Nightlife in Playa del Carmen

After sunset, Playa del Carmen shows its great nightlife. There are bars on the beaches as well as in town that play all kinds of music, serve delicious drinks and generally provide live entertainment too. There are moods to suit everyone, quiet small affairs, loud and rowdy places, beach side bars, sports bars and bars with TVs, pool tables and other games. Enjoy some great live music while you get to know the lively Playa del Carmen nightlife.